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Welcome to The Spicy Kitchen
This venture started from my personal passion for gardening and cooking.  Over the years I have grown may different types of veggies and herbs. I became fascinated with the huge variety of chilies out there. I began doing research on them, always looking for the hottest chilies in the world. I order seeds and plants from everywhere in the world, I began to cultivate and grow them. Once I finally started succeeding it was a matter of what to do with the. I cooked with them, dried them, began making rubs and pickled goods with them as well. It all lead up to the hot sauces.  Everything became in constant demand among friends and clients whom I had shared stuff with over the years. I finally decided to take the leap and create fully realized recipes, sources to make the products and an outlet in which to sell and share them. 

Thank you to all that have supported, given feed back and helped push this amazing venture along. I am so so excited to share my products and look forward to the future of cultivating new flavors and products. 

Thank You
Andrew Anderson