Handcrafted, small batch Bloody Mary, Michelada & Cocktail Mixes utilizing Spicy Kitchen products and familiar flavors.


Tomato Juice Base, with Scorpion Kisses Hot Sauce, fresh squeezed lime juice, and unique spice blends in each to give you a perfect mix to add your booze of choice!


Strawberry Hibiscus Cocktail Mix (NEW)

Our very popular Strawberry, Basil & Jalapeno Jam mixed with rich hibiscus syrup & lime make a perfect base to a great cocktail, mimosa! Let your creativiey run.


Spicy Pineapple Cocktail Mixer (NEW)

Our Pineapple & Habanero Jam mixes with sweet tangy pineapple juice & lime juice to give you a sweet spicy mix for margaritas, cocktails, shooters and more.



Each mix comes in a 16 fl oz bottle

Makes approx 4 plus Drinks per bottle.


These are available Friday to Sunday pickup or delivery.


This is a local promotion ONLY due to the perishable nature of the mixes & add ons.


Blood Mary Package Includes:


Choice 2 Mixes

Bloody Mary Mix

Michelada Mix


2 Pickled Goods

Habanero Dill Pickles

Habanero Dill Asparagus

Habanero Dill Green beans

Habanero Dill Okra

Pickled Garlic


Choice 1 Hot Sauce

(Additional $10.00 per bottle)

Note: Reserve and Charity Hot Sauces are $15.00


Choice Add On:

- Candied Bacon, Celery, Olives & Pepperchilines (for up to 6 drinks)

-2 Salsas (Garden or Tomatillo) & a Bag of Tortilla Chips


1 Bottle Safe Hands - Hand Sanitizer


Local Delivery or Pick up in Long Beach, CA

$50.00 Per Package


Parital Proceeds form purchace of this package benefit The AIDS Food Store, Long Beach, CA

Kickin Brunch Package

  • Due to the perishable natrure of this product and promotion it wil only avaiable for those local to Long Beach, CA. 

    No Product will be shipped. 

    Only aviable Friday - Sundays.

    Pre-Order reqjuired

  • Mixes are very perishable. 

    They are to be kept refidgerated 

    Must be used 7 - 10 days from Made On Date on Bottle. 

    Enjoy at your own risk.