"Rub My Meat" 
Seasoning Rub


We finally added a rub to our line to give you the fully Spicy Kitchen BBQ experience. 

From rubs for your meat, to BBQ sauces, & hot sauces & pickled goods to finish it off!


This rub will give you a beautiful bark, and deep rich flavor to your smoked meat.


Apply to the meat of your choice, smoke and finish & serve with one of our 5 BBQ sauces.

Great gift idea and add on to any BBQ sauce purchase.


16 oz - 1/2 Pint
$10.00 Per Jar


8 oz Sampler

$5.00 Per Jar


Please enjoy at your own risk. 

Store in a cool dry place.


Caking and settling is natural


Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Cane Sugar, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Ground Ginger, Onion Powder, Rosemary Powder & kosher salt




"Rub My Meat" Seasoning Rub